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信息概况 UC9710A Full Rate 10Gbps CDRUC9710A 10Gbps 全速率时钟恢复仪
UC9710A CDR (Clock Recovery Module ) is mainly used to provide clock recovery signal in the test environment without triggering clock, so as to use the sampling oscilloscope to test the optical eye diagram of the device. The typical application is the testing of optical network equipment or the BOB product in PON application. Because the photometric device itself has no frequency division clock output, it is necessary to recover the clock signal to trigger the sampling oscilloscope when testing the optical eye diagram.UC9710A CDR has a SFP optical port, which is suitable for SFP encapsulated conventional SFP, SFP+, OLT SFP and other optical modules. It only needs the receiving end of the optical module to convert the optical signal to the electrical signal, and then extract and output the clock of the electrical signal. Clock signal is mainly used for the trigger signal of oscilloscope.UC9710A CDR(时钟恢复仪)主要用于在没有触发时钟的测试环境,提供时钟恢复信号,从而使用采样示波器测试器件的光眼图。典型应用是光网络设备的测试,或者针对PON应用中的BOB产品,因为被测光设备本身没有分频时钟输出,在测试光眼图时需要恢复时钟信号用于触发采样示波器。UC9710A CDR带有一个SFP光口,适用SFP封装的常规SFP、SFP+、OLT SFP等光模块接入,仅需要光模块的接收端,将光信号转换为电信号,CDR再将电信号的时钟提取出来并输出,时钟信号主要用于示波器的触发信号。技能指标